LOT NO: 1785    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
Shredded Souvenir Thai banknotes: 10Baht, 20Baht, 100Baht & 500Baht; 4 bricks each denomination of used genuine banknotes shredded and compressed into a rectangular-shaped of approx 11.5x17x7cm.(4 bricks) Sold As Is
ѵ·繡͹֡: ԴҤ 10ҷ 20ҷ 100ҷ & 500ҷ ӹǹ 4 ͹ ӨҡѵѴ繡͹׹ҢҴҳ 11.5x17x7. (4 ͹) µҾ

LOT NO: 1786    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 85  
Studay group of old forgeryies from Series 3 - 9, total 10 pcs., excellent group for study only. SOLD AS IS.(10)
ѵûŧ 3 - 9 10 Ѻ СѺ֡ҧҡ µҾ (10)

LOT NO: 1787    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 342  
Lot of 7 banknotes; Series II-IV comprising of Series II 10b.x1, Series III 5b.x2, 10b.x3 & Series IV 5b.x1, folds, stains, split, inspection recommended, F-VF.(7)
ѵ 7 Ѻ 2-4 2 10.x1, 3 5.x2, 10.x3 & 4 1.x1 ¾Ѻ ʹ ͢Ҵ õǨͺ F-VF.(7)

LOT NO: 1788    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 285  
Replacement & joint prefixes; lot of 50 banknotes, Series IX-XVI comprising of 5b.x6, 10b.x17, 20b.x6, 50b.x3, 100b.x4, 500b.x4, 1000b.x6 and Commemorative banknotes 100b.x4, without folder, some notes with light fold, mishandling, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(50) Sold As Is.
ǴǴ 50 Ѻ 9-16 5.x6, 10.x17, 20.x6, 50.x3, 100.x4, 500.x4, 1000.x6 ѵ÷֡ 100.x4 ҧѺ¾Ѻҧ Ѻ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ AU-UNC.(50) µҾ

LOT NO: 1789    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 228  
Lot of 75 banknotes and Replacement; Series IX-XVI comprising of Series IX 1b.x10, 5b.x2, 10b.x4, 20b.x4, 100b.x3, Series X 100b.x4, Series XI 5b.x7, 10b.x3, 20b.x7, 100b.x3, forgery banknote 100b.x1, Series XII 10b.x4, 20b.x8, 100b.x5, Series XIII 50b.x4, Series XIV 100b.x2, Series XV 50b.x1, 100b.x2 and Replacement banknotes 100x1, 1000b.x3, folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(75) Sold As Is
ѵǴ 75 Ѻ 9-16 9 1.x10, 5.x2, 10.x4, 20.x4, 100.x3, 10 100.x4, 11 5.x7, 10.x3, 20.x7, 100.x3, Ѻû 100.x1, 12 10.x4, 20.x8, 100.x5, 13 50.x4, 14 100.x2, 15 50.x1, 100.x2, Ǵ 100x1, 1000x3 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(75) µҾ

LOT NO: 1790    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 114  
Lot of 17 banknotes; Series IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 5b.x3, 10b.x5, 20b.x3, 100b.x2, Series XIII 50b.x2 and Commemorative notes 50b.x1 & 100b.x1, some notes with stains, folds, without folders, inspection recommended, VF-UNC.(17) Sold As Is
ѵ 17 Ѻ 9-13 9 5.x3, 10.x5, 20.x3, 100.x2, 13 50.x2 иѵ÷֡ 50.x1 & 100.x1 ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(17) µҾ

LOT NO: 1791    meaning Starting: THB 15000   Approx: 428  
Lot of 200 banknotes; Sereis XII-XV comprising of Series XII 20b.x27, 100b.x11 and Series XV 50b.x71, 100b.x91, light fold, stains, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(200) Sold As Is.
ѵ 200 Ѻ 12-15 12 20.x27, 100.x11 15 50.x71, 100.x91 ҧѺ¾Ѻҧ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ AU-UNC.(200) µҾ

LOT NO: 1792    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 171  
Lot of 24 banknotes; Sereis V-XIV comprising of 50st.x1, 1b.x3, 100b.x14, 1000b.x2 and Commemorative notes 100b.x2, 500b.x2, folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(24) Sold As Is.
ѵ 24 Ѻ 5-14 50ʵ.x1, 1.x3, 100.x14, 1000.x2 иѵ÷֡ 100.x2, 500.x2 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(24) µҾ

LOT NO: 1793    meaning Starting: THB 4500   Approx: 128  
Lot of 45 banknotes; Series IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 1b.x11, 5b.x3, 10b.x3, 20b.x2, 100b.x1, Series XI 5b.x21 & Series XIII 500b.x4, some notes with stains, folds or torn, mixed condition, inspection recommended, VG-AU.(45) Sold As Is
ѵ 45 Ѻ 9-13 9 1.x11, 5.x3, 10.x3, 20.x2, 100.x1, 11 5.x21 & 13 500.x4 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ¢Ҵ Ҿл õǨͺ VG-AU.(45) µҾ

LOT NO: 1794    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 171  
Lot of 46 banknotes; Sereis XII-XV comprising of Series XII 100b.x1, Series XIII 50b.x3, Series XIV 100b.x8, Series XV 100b.x16, 500b.x7 and Commemorative notes 1996 King's Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x11, FV.=6,700 Baht, some notes with folds or light stains, inspection recommended, with album. EF-UNC.(46) Sold As Is.
ѵ 46 Ѻ 12-15 12 100.x1, 13 50.x3, 14 100.x8, 15 100.x16, 500.x7 иѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ 50. x11 Ҥ˹ 6,700 ҷ ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧҧ õǨͺ ź EF-UNC.(46) µҾ

LOT NO: 1795    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 228  
Lot of 57 banknotes; Sereis IX-XI comprising of Series IX 1b.x17, 10b.x5, 20b.x18, 100b.x3, Series XI 5b.x1, 10b.x3 and Commemorative notes 50b.x4, 60b.x1, 500b.x5, without folder, folds, stains, split, inspection recommended. F-UNC.(57) Sold As Is.
ѵ 57 Ѻ 9-11 9 1.x17, 10.x5, 20.x18, 100.x3, 11 5.x1, 10.x3 иѵ÷֡ 50.x4, 60.x1, 500.x5 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ¢Ҵ õǨͺ F-UNC.(57) µҾ

LOT NO: 1796    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
Lot of 11 banknotes; Series II-IX comprising of 50st.x1, 1b.x7 & 20b.x3, folds, stains, torn, inspection recommended. G-VF.(11) Sold As Is.
ѵ 11 Ѻ 2-9 ԴҤ 50ʵ.x1, 1.x7 & 20.x3 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ͢Ҵ õǨͺ G-VF.(11) µҾ

LOT NO: 1797    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 342  
Lot of 11 banknotes; Series III-XI comprising of Series III 20b.x2, Series IX 1b.x4 (include lucky number #T180 799999), 5b.x1, Series XI 5b.x1 & Provisional issue surcharge 50st. on 10b.x4, folds, stains, inspection recommended. F-EF.(11) Sold As Is
ѵ 11 Ѻ 3-11 3 20.x2, 9 1.x4 (Ţ #T180 799999), 5.x1, 11 5.x1 & 蹪Ǥ 50ʵ.麹 10. x4 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ F-EF.(11) µҾ

LOT NO: 1798    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 142  
Lot of 41 banknotes; Series IX-XV comprising of 50st.x2, 1b.x3, 5b.x9, 10b.x7, 20b.x12, 50b.x1, 100b.x3, 500b.x3, 1000b.x1, some notes folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(41) Sold As Is.
ѵ 41 Ѻ 9-15 ԴҤ 50ʵ.x2, 1.x3, 5.x9, 10.x7, 20.x12, 50.x1, 100.x3, 500.x3, 1000.x1 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(41) µҾ

LOT NO: 1799    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 85  
Lot of 44 banknotes; Series III-XII comprising of 1b.x28, 5b.x4, 10b.x6, 100b.x4 and Commemorative 1995 120th Finiance Ministry 10 Bahtx2, folds, stains, inspection recommended. F-EF.(44) Sold As Is.
ѵ 44 Ѻ 3-12 ԴҤ 1.x28, 5.x4, 10.x6, 100.x4 ѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ ԴҤ 10ҷ x2 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ F-EF.(44) µҾ

LOT NO: 1800    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
Lot 8 Thai notes and 5 Chinese notes, mostly uncirculated. UNC.(13) Sold As Is
ѵ 8 Ѻ 1ҷ x 7, 100ҷ x1 ѵèչ 1937 5 Ѻ Ҿǹ˭ҹҹ UNC.(13) µҾ

LOT NO: 1801    meaning Starting: THB 24000   Approx: 685  
Lot of 124 commemorative banknotes 1987-2016; 10b.x3, 50b.x4, 60b.x13, 70b.x8, 80b.x3, 100b.x55, 500b.x13, 1000b.x2 and 1,5,10b. uncut x23, without folders, some notes with light stains or mishandling. UNC.(124) Sold As Is
ѵ÷֡ ӹǹ 124 Ѻ 2538-2559; 10.x3, 50.x4, 60.x13, 70.x8, 80.x3, 100.x55, 500.x13, 1000.x2 1,5,10.Ѵx23 ҧѺդҺͧҧ Ѻ硹 UNC.(124) µҾ